Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rich and Poor- The Division of Classes

     I've been on the right track with my reading goals. Although outside of school I tend to read more short stories than anything. Again, I have my Science Fiction class to thank for this. My teacher assigns us science fiction stories to read and annotate, which takes me about an hour outside of school. Though recently we were assigned a book report over a- surprise, surprise- science fiction or dystopian novel! I've enjoyed many science fiction novels in the past, so quite frankly this genre isn't really new for me. Still, I was able to find a way to challenge myself. I chose a book about magic. And although this is a common theme in dystopian novels, it's one that I haven't been able to really appreciate. Anything including spells and dark magic doesn't really interest me, mainly because I could never see it happening in our world. But, this book was recommended to me, and the blurb seemed interesting enough, so I decided to give it a shot. I have chosen to read Blood Rose Rebellion  by Rosalyn Eves. I have been reading for about 30 minutes each day outside of school, but because I have been reading The Great Gatsby as well, I've only read about 150 out of the 416 pages in Blood Rose Rebellion. Surprisingly, I've really enjoyed it and haven't even thought about abandoning it.
     In this society, The Circle was made up of people with magic, people superior to those who weren't gifted. They had fingers in every branch of government and had better living standards. Regular people, those that consisted of the working class in the society, resented those with magic and some would even gather at a street named "Speakers Corner" to speak out against the Luminate, or the people with magic. One man in particular spoke out saying, "For too long the Luminate have fattened themselves upon the labor of the working class. It is our work, our sweat, and our blood that makes their lives possible." (Eves 20)
     In America, the wealthy corporations have always taken advantage of the working class and have failed to give them the rights they've deserved. Corporations have taken advantage of foreign laborers for years and have failed to pay them and protect them correctly. Very minimal, if any, healthcare is provided and minimum wage isn't enough to live off of any more. While corporations create monopolies, the working class has become exploited to benefit the wealthy. This proves that in every society there has to be someone who suffers while others thrive; there can never be a completely utopian society. This novel displays a division between classes that we can see in America today.

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  1. Your blogs had a nice "flow", they were well written and very easy to follow. I do agree with you on the American classes as well, it is a huge problem in our society. I hate not being able to do anything about it.